CardCaptor Sakura GTS Stories

Approx. pages: 35
Rated G
- A parody of Roald Dahl's classic tale. When Naoko sees Sakura doing a patrol in the small hours she has no idea that her life will take a drastic change when Sakura takes steps to ensure that she won't be spilling the beans to everyone about her activities. Completed April 17, 2009.

The Big Sakura Movie
Approx. pages: 15
Rated PG/10-V
- For a couple years, Tomoyo has talked about making her own movie starring her very best friend, Sakura. Although Sakura is quick to suggest she simply take all of the footage she has of the card capturing and make a movie out of all that, Tomoyo says she wants to do something different, something special, even if the city got involved somehow. And that's when, after going home that day, her mind goes into a frenzy. So much that she starts thinking of some of the wildest scenarios possible, whether it be an action-type movie where a giant-sized Sakura saves the day from ugly monsters (with a little help from a surprise guest), a heartwarming family story where the past comes alive in gigantic fashion, or even a romance story with Sakura and Li going on the biggest date imaginable. So when Tomoyo can't decide on one story, she sketches out all of them, hoping Sakura will take any one of them... Completed March 4, 2010.

Card Crazy
Approx. pages: 13
Rated PG/10
- As Sakura continues on her quest to get back all the clow cards, two of the cards she had captured are suddenly fighting to break free once more, the Big card and the Little card. And both cards certainly do their job once they break free of the seal Sakura has placed on them. Just as Tomoyo is wondering around Sakura's place, she comes into contact with the spirit of the Little card and shrinks down in size, almost to the point where Sakura can't see her! At the same time, the spirit of the Big card catches up with Meilin and makes her a towering giantess, and unlike Sakura when she used the Big card, Meilin has no problem showing how thrilled she is to be so big. Now Sakura has to find tiny Tomoyo and find a way to get the giant Meilin under control... Completed October 18, 2006.

Card Crazy 2: Power to the Cards
Approx. pages: 22
Rated PG/10
- One year after the first Card Crazy, Sakura has become the ultimate CardCaptor by taking in the powers of all the Clow Cards. At the same time, Li has moved on with his life by heading back for Hong Kong. Sakura wonders what she can do now that her destiny has been fulfilled. That's when her best friend, Tomoyo, makes the radical suggestion to Sakura that they use the Big card! Quickly thinking back to the events of the last story as the reason why, Sakura at first is worried about the request. But after seemingly endless begging from Tomoyo, Sakura finally agrees to make herself bigger again using the card. Only this time, Sakura asks Tomoyo to grow with her... Completed June 27, 2007.

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by XryXmas and gamdann)
Approx. pages: 9
Rated G
- There are days when Tomoyo feels like she is in control of her very best friend, Sakura. She makes a lot of requests, mainly when it comes to clothing, and Sakura complies with almost every one of these requests. So when Tomoyo almost begs Sakura to wear the same clothes the day of the Little card incident and then shrink to a tiny size, Sakura just can't refuse. What harm can happen especially when it's Tomoyo involved? As it turns out... more than she thinks. As Sakura shrinks in size, Tomoyo knocks the wand out of her hands and locks it away for safekeeping. With Sakura powerless, Tomoyo happily picks up the shrunken Sakura, only promising her scared friend that she would take care of her forever... Completed September 18, 2009.

Messy Nightmare
Approx. pages: 8
Rated MA-V
- Be warned, especially if you are a hardcore CCS fan. This story may only be a nightmare for Sakura, but things happen in this survival horror story that will make you cringe. Sakura and three of her friends (Rika, Naoko, and Chiharu) all wake up shrunken inside a home. Before the four could wonder how they've been shrunken, a gigantic Meilin arrives to greet all four ladies. With an evil laugh, Meilin tells the four that they are now her prisoners and death is their only escape. One by one, as the girls try to escape, they meet gruesome and utterly violent fates, eventually leaving an emotionally broken Sakura as the only one left to fend for herself... Completed September 30, 2010.